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Rebuilding Your Smile

Dental problems can be embarrassing and sometimes painful! Local Macon dentist Dr. Howard Booth is committed to helping all of our patients achieve a healthy, functional smile.

Whether you prefer to complete your treatment in a few, longer appointments or over several visits, we can help you develop a plan that meets your budget and scheduling goals.

Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dental procedures are focused on repairing teeth that have been damaged by tooth decay, trauma from accidents or falls, and the replacement of missing teeth with dental implants, bridges or dentures.

When teeth are broken, decayed or lost altogether, the risk of infection, periodontal (gum) disease or pain is increased. The presence of harmful bacteria can also compromise the health of surrounding teeth, and poor biting and chewing ability can disrupt the body's digestive processes.

Our goal is to return your smile to a pain-free, healthy state that is easier to clean and maintain. Restorative techniques utilize the strength of dental materials and prosthetics to rebuild tooth structure and bite function.

Cosmetic Dentistry and Smile Makeovers with Restorative Care

Restorative procedures also offer the opportunity to enhance smile appearance – general and cosmetic dentist Dr. Howard Booth can achieve a smile makeover by making teeth appear whiter, smoother, straighter or more symmetrical using restorative and cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Restorative and cosmetic dental services available in our Macon family dental practice include:

It is important to replace lost teeth to preserve your dental health. The only teeth that most of us can afford to lose are baby teeth (at the appropriate age) and third molars, or wisdom teeth.

Replacement of Missing Teeth with Implants, Bridges and Dentures

Tooth loss has a "domino effect" when teeth are missing, surrounding teeth will gradually move and shift because of the open space. This process can eventually lead to problems with gum disease, loss of jaw bone support, bite and jaw dysfunction or further tooth loss.

Options to replace missing teeth include:

dental implant

Dental Implants

Dental Implants are tiny prosthetics that replace the roots of lost teeth to create a foundation for a dental crown or dental bridge, or to secure a complete or partial denture.

Dr. Booth works closely with dentists that specialize in dental implants, including periodontists and oral surgeons, to coordinate placement of implants. After the implant is placed, Dr. Booth designs a natural-looking crown, bridge or custom denture to complete the process.

dental bridge

Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges are fixed replacements that rely on adjacent teeth to support a "false" tooth (or multiple teeth) to fill a space created by tooth loss. A bridge can be supported by natural teeth, or in the case of multiple missing teeth, may be supported by dental implants.

Similar to crowns, bridges are custom lab-fabricated prosthetics that may be made of metal or non-metal dental materials, determined by esthetics and functional needs.

complete and partial dentures

Partial/Complete Dentures

When multiple teeth, or all natural teeth are lost, complete or partial dentures can be designed to replace missing teeth. In most cases, extraction of remaining teeth to replace them with a full set of complete dentures is the last option considered.

When complete dentures are necessary, we work diligently with our patients' goals in mind to design attractive and durable dentures. We recommend stabilizing complete and partial dentures with dental implants whenever possible.

Personal Consultation with local Dentist Dr. Howard Booth

Your New Smile begins with a consultation with cosmetic and family dentist Dr. Howard Booth. Our North Macon dental office is near I-475 and Coliseum Northside Hospital, and convenient to Warner Robins, Forsyth, Lizella and the surrounding Bibb and Houston counties area.

Contact our friendly dental team today to learn more about options to restore your smile!

“Dr. Booth and his staff make the appointment all about you. They understand the fear a patient may have when being faced with a dental procedure and do so very much to provide comfort, care and trust. I would recommend Dr. Booth above all others for dental care!!” — Rebecca A.  More Reviews »