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Your Family Dentist in Macon

If you are looking for a local dentist that is family-friendly, Dr. Howard Booth and Team are the perfect fit. Many of our team members have been with Dr. Booth for over 20 years, so we are very much a family ourselves!

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Preventive Dentistry

The American Dental Association® recommends a regular schedule of dental check-ups 2-3 times per year to help prevent dental decay and gum disease.

At your preventive care visits, family dentist Dr. Booth and our Hygiene Team will perform a complete dental examination and recommend treatment as needed to help keep your smile in tip-top shape. Our goal is to detect signs of gum disease, decay or infection as early as possible.

Dentistry for Children

Creating a positive dental experience for your child is an important part of helping them develop healthy habits as they grow up. At each visit, we will adapt to your child's behavior and pace our approach to make their time with us fun and interesting!

Your child's dental examination will include a review of current digital dental x-rays as needed to give you an assessment of their oral health and advise you of any orthodontic concerns. We may also recommend fluoride treatments or sealants to help prevent tooth decay.

Dr. Booth sometimes recommends that children see a pediatric dentist, a specialist in children's dentistry, if they have specific needs that he feels would be best addressed by a specialist. We want every child to enjoy the benefits of a totally healthy smile!

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Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral cancer is a growing concern in the U.S. Dr. Booth performs an oral cancer screening at each examination appointment to look for suspicious areas that may require follow up. Early detection of oral cancer can be life-saving. At any time, if you or a loved one have any unusual lumps or sores in the mouth that don't go away in about a week, please contact our Macon Dental office to schedule an appointment. Dr. Booth will see you for an examination and recommend any testing as needed to rule out oral cancer.

Periodontal Health

Periodontal (gum) disease is a progressive disease that begins when bacteria penetrate and grow beneath the gums. As the disease spreads, gum tissue and eventually bone become infected and are destroyed. Without treatment, periodontal disease can damage enough bone and gum tissue to cause teeth in the affected area to become loose and eventually fall out.

Because it is a form of inflammation in the body, periodontal disease has been linked as a risk factor for heart disease and stroke and other serious medical conditions, such as diabetes.

Periodontal disease is the #1 cause of adult tooth loss. During your preventive visits, your dentist and hygienist will measure your gums to look for signs of periodontal (gum) disease. If periodontal disease is diagnosed, we may perform non-surgical gum therapy in our office, or refer you to a Periodontist (gum specialist).

Regular visits to the dentist and a consistent brushing and flossing routine at home are the best defense against periodontal disease.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

We take extra special care to keep you completely comfortable at each visit, and also have nitrous oxide sedation (laughing gas) available for a temporary, relaxing effect.

Your first visit to our practice is a special event!

We will welcome you and assist you with your questions about your oral health and caring for your smile. At this visit, we will take necessary digital xrays and Dr. Booth will perform a dental examination to evaluate the condition of your teeth, gums and jaw joints. Please be sure to share any medical conditions or prescriptions with us, this information is important in planning your dental treatment. To save time, download our patient registration forms and bring them to your appointment, along with any dental insurance information.

Your Family Dentist in Macon and Warner Robins

Dr. Booth provides dental care for the whole family in his Macon dental office. We would love to help and your loved ones keep your smiles healthy for a lifetime! We invite you to Contact our Family Dental Practice to schedule an appointment.

“Your staff are all so friendly, personable, and still professional. Not many people can say that they like to go to the dentist, but your office is welcoming and sensitive to your patients’ needs.” — Sara
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